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Cer Casting

We provide effective, timely and quality service to our customers with Quality Systems and ERP System. We can provide Non Destructive Testing Services (VT, UT, MT, PT) with our in house certificated team.

Our History

1976: Established in Ankara with 3000 ton/year capacity.
1989: International sales has been started.
1997: Moved to 39.035 m2 land in Ankara 1. Industrial Zone.
2003: Started steel casting besides grey and nodular iron casting.
2004: Change over to ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System.
2004: Machining started with 5.000mmx3.000mmx1.400mm CNC Portal Milling.
2012: Pattern production started with 2.750mmx1.650mmx700mm CNC Vertical Machining Center investment.
2013: Pattern production capacity increased with 6000mmx3000mmx1200mm CNC Vertical Machining Center investment.
2014: Switched to ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Systems.

2014: Pattern production capacity increased with 5600mmx3000mmx1560 mm CNC Vertical Machining Center investment.
2016: Steel casting capacity increased with 4.000 Kg induction furnace.
2017: Slot blasting machine (1800mmx1500mmx3500mm) with capacity 5 tons was purchased.
2018: Metal microscope, sample preparation equipment’s and ultrasonic control machine has been invested for quality department.
2019: Magnesium wire treatment machine developed as R&D Project for nodular iron casting.
2022: CNC Portal Milling control unite revised to Siemens Control Unit.
2022: SAP Business One ERP software in under development. Also, it aims to provide production stage to our customers by receiving real-time data from the field.

Quality Certificates