Cer Döküm
Your Casting Partner…

Since 1976, we are casting grey iron, nodular iron, steel and stainless-steel parts for our national and international
customers. We can produce polystyrene, wooden or aluminum patterns for parts to be casted.

If our customer wants, we can machine the parts as rough or finish.

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Pattern Production

For one or small number lots, we produce polystyrene patterns.
Also we can produce wooden or aluminum patterns for serial production.

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We are casting grey iron, nodular iron, steel and stainless steel parts. For grey iron; max 20 tons/ part, for nodular iron; max 18 tons/ part, for steel; max 12 tons/part.

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We can machine the parts  as rough or finish with our machining department or approved subcontractors according to our customer demands and provide quality controls.

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Cer Casting, provide services to our national and international customers for different sectors as it has been established. We can cast grey iron, nodular iron, steel and stainless steel parts, produce needed patterns and machining according to customer needs.  

We provide effective, timely and quality service to our customers with Quality Systems and ERP System. We can provide Non Destructive Testing Services (VT, UT, MT, PT) with our in house certificated team.

Why You Should Choose Us


Customer-oriented service with its expert staff with over 45 years of experience and corporate memory and experience in many different sectors…


9001:2015 Quality Management System,
14001 Environmental Management System,
45001 Occupational Health and Safety System and SAP Business One ERP…


Cost effective and fast solutions with different casting methods (casting with wooden pattern or polystyrene pattern) …

We produce For our Customers

Product Samples

We provide solutions for many customers in automative, machinery, construction, energy and steel sectors.

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